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APlus Character

APlus offers semi-custom and full custom alphanumeric designs tailored for a broad range of applications markets including industrial, medical and consumer.

Format Module Size Active Area P/N Drawing
8 x 2 58.0x32.0 27.8x11.5 AH0802A1 207KB
16 x 2 84.0x44.0 56.2x11.5 AH1602A 170KB
16 x 2 80.0x36.0 56.2x11.5 AH1602B 146KB
16 x 2 122.0x44.0 94.8x20.0 AH1602L1 170KB
20 x 2 116.0x37.0 73.5x11.5 AH2002A 183KB
20 x 4 98.0x60.0 70.4x20.8 AH2004A 178KB