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APlus Graphic

Our selection includes a broad spectrum of LCD color combinations, backlights, and industrial specified, and transflective polarizers.

Format Module Size Active Area P/N Drawing
128 x 64 93.0x70.0 66.52x33.24 AG12864A 109KB
128 x 64 75.0x52.7 55.01x27.49 AG12864B 175KB
128 x 128 85.0x100.0 55.01x55.01 AG128128A 178KB
240 x 64 180.0x65.0 127x33.88 AG24064A 188KB
240 x 128 144.0x104.0 107.9x57.5 AG240128B 179KB
320 x 240 160.0x109.0 115.1x86.3 AO320240A 209KB