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OLED technology will emerge as a leading next-generation technology for displays. OLEDs have been receiving a lot of attention around the world as a future display technology. OLEDs offer many significant advantages in relation to conventional LCD technologies.

Faster Response Time “ At +25ºC—10 µsec”:

STN LCD displays 200 ms response time, OLEDs <10 µsec at 25ºC

Extra Thin — No Backlight Needed / Self Emitting:

Much thinner and lighter than an LCD panel

High Brightness:

500 ~ 2000 CD/M2

Unlimited Viewing Angle “Up to 175 Degrees”:

OLED displays offer the most unlimited viewing angle

OLED Character Display:

Same STN LCD char. type mechanical sizes & pin outs Makes for an easy upgrade to OLED

Wide Operation Temperature “-40ºC ~ 80ºC”:

The nature of OLED is self-luminous and operates in rugged environments

Sunlight Readable Technology Options:

Better than LCD in sunlight with added polarizer

Lower Power Consumption:

STN LCD requests around 100~300 mA while OLED request around 10~30 mA

High Contrast Ratio “ Up to 2000:1”:

STN contrast ratio about 5:1 (+) and 10:1(-), OLED over 2000:1 Add a polarizer and the contrast ratio is over 10,000:1

Long Lifetime:

100,000 hours standard, further testing shows 150,000 hours

Available Colors

APlus provides OLED displays with different colors


Format Module Size Active Area P/N Drawing
96 X 64 24.9x22.95 19.95x13.42 AEX009664A 164KB
128 X 32 59x18.86 50.53x10.69 AEX012832A 164KB
128 X 64 82.7 x 40.2 63.41 x 32.69 AEX012864C 234KB
128 X 64 60.5x37.0 53.73x26.85 AEX012864F 164KB
256 X 64 88.0x27.8 76.77x19.17 AEX25664B 213KB


Format Module Size Active Area P/N Drawing
8 X 2 58.0x32.0 28.16x11.86 AEH000802A 171KB
16 x 1 80.0 x 36.0 56.95x11.85 AEH001601A
16 x 2 80.0 x 36.0 56.95x11.85 AEH001602A 136KB
16 x 2 122.0x44.0 91.14x18.98 AEH001602B 143KB
20 x 2 116.0x37.0 77.3x11.85 AEH002002A 173KB
20 x 4 98.0x60.0 70.16x20.95 AEH002004A 165KB