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TFT Displays are active-matrix LCDs with full RGB color screens. These screens feature bright, colors and have the ability to show fast animations, complex graphics and crisp custom fonts.

Format Module Size Active Area P/N Drawing
320 x 240 3.5" 70.08X52.56 AF35F 176KB
320X240 3.5" 70.08x52.56 AF35L 161KB
480 x 272 4.3" 95.04x53.86 AF43Q 243KB
320 x 240 5.7" 115.2x86.4 AF57B 217KB
640 x 480 5.7" 115.2x86.40 AF57F 134KB
800 x 480 7.0" 152.4x91.4 AF70H 256KB